Session Fees are below and are the same for in-person and virtual sessions.


We work with most insurance providers and rates vary per plan. Some clients will have a co-pay (often between $10 and $30) per session and some clients have a deductible (what you pay before insurance benefits), and some clients have no out-of-pocket costs at all.


We work with most insurance providers, including Medicaid and Medicare, and offer a sliding scale for cash payments (rates are listed below).


Insurance can be confusing, please reach out to us and we will do our best to confirm your specific benefits for you. We will need a copy or photo of the front and back of your insurance card and of your drivers license or ID. You can reach us at billing@transformationalchoices.com or virtual@transformationalchoices.com or you can call us at 734-559-3540.  

Sliding Scale available for cash payments

Income based sliding scale is as follows:
Household income consists of your income and the income of others with whom you reside

$60.00 per session Household income of $25,000 or less
$75.00 per session Household income between $25,001 - $35,000
$85.00 per session Household income between $35,001 - $45,000
$103.00 per session Household income of $45,001 and above

General Rates:

$165 Per Session or Insurance Provider Contracted Rate

$103 Additional Out of Session Paperwork Fee or agreed insurance provider-based amount
$5 to $50 per person for group sessions


July 11, 2020

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We're always working hard to be comfortably accessible to anyone who is searching for support. Our new website includes innovative new features like staff bios, description of services, and this blog!

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July 8, 2020

Starting therapy can be intimidating.

It makes sense—you’re walking into the unknown!

Is that ever comfortable??

Meanwhile, as you’re searching for the courage to face the unknown, there is a barrage of mental health stigma floating around. Throughout history, people with mental health issues have been labelled as different, not normal, broken, scary,...

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