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Welcome! Transformational Choices is a community-based professional service that provides a full range of life enhancing services in a holistic, mindful, and supportive setting.


Our mission is to support mindful change within individuals, groups, and organizations. We are proud to offer a diverse array of services, including mental health counseling for individuals, groups, families, children. We work to address relationship issues between couples, within small groups, and in families. We offer life and wellness coaching and consultation, as well as organizational evaluation and consulting.

We are committed to providing the best professional services by working with our clients and developing and implementing the most effective and customized life enhancing change plans, through the promotion of learning and personal growth.

Transformational Choices uses a natural and organic mind / body approach to restoring healthy emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functioning. The client and therapist are partners and work together to discover the choices necessary to reach new goals and break old patterns.

Our approach to the helping relationship is especially effective in dealing with depression, anxiety, emotional dysfunction, creative blocks, relationship concerns, and debilitating personality traits that interfere with love, work, and the knowledge to sustain health.

I work with individuals who are experiencing a struggle with a wide range of challenges to help them accomplish greater satisfaction in their everyday life. My formal training is in Clinical Social Work and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Through CBT techniques, compassion and support I assist my clients to identify and achieve the therapeutic outcomes that they are seeking.

Welcome. I am glad you are here. My goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment where we can build a valuable therapeutic relationship. My hope is that you will experience growth and healing through better understanding your thoughts, behaviors, emotions and choices. I believe we are all capable of change - we just need a little help along the way. 

My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe, comfortable place for children, adults, parents, couples and families to explore challenges, connect with their feelings, learn to enhance relationships and improve their health and wellbeing.  I have experience as a wellness coach and have a strengths-based approach that incorporates all dimensions of wellbeing in helping clients discover the best version of themselves. As a therapist, I have experience working with children, adolescents and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting, ADHD, relationship issues, substance abuse, and grief/loss.  I integrate empathy, psychodynamic therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, dialectical behavioral therapy as well as cognitive behavioral therapy to promote change towards wholeness and healing. With compassion, patience, and understanding, I assist clients in learning effective coping skills, setting healthy boundaries, implementing positive lifestyle choices, enhancing communication skills and improving decision-making strategies. 

Hello and welcome. I am a psychologist with 30+ years experience working with adults in residential, hospital, and outpatient settings. Within these various settings I have helped clients who struggled with a variety of life challenges.

Through the use of the supportive therapy approach, and by collaborating with the clients to identify therapy goals, it is my ultimate objective to help the client attain their goals. One may think the outlook bleak, the hurdle insurmountable, but I wish for the client to realize there are options available and to instill a sense of hopefulness for the future.

By offering whatever help is needed, the aim is for an outcome that has built up functional, healthy, and adaptive behaviors, and increased self-esteem and that the client has now become an individual that is in control, effective, satisfied, and content.

I am trained to provide solution-focused, brief, play, and cognitive behavioral therapy. My experiences include individual, couples, family and group counseling as well as consultation, training and instruction in mental health.  I have been proving counseling and assessment services since 2004.

I am competent to provide services in the following domains:

  • Parenting and child matters

  • Disability and illness adjustment

  • Adult ADD

  • Child & Adolescent behavioral Issues

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Women's issues

  • Grief and Loss

  • Career development and transition

  • Depression

  • Addictive behaviors

  • Adolescent sex offending assessment and treatment

  • Eating disorders and weight loss

  • Trauma stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and crisis

  • Career development and transition

  • Depression + Addictive behaviors

  • Adolescent sex offending assessment and treatment

  • Eating disorders and weight loss

  • Trauma stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and crisis

  • Relationships

My experience as a clinician, has been about providing client centered care. I have worked with many diverse individuals and groups; and helped to support positive change in a vast number of issues for those I have worked with in treatment. I am a fully Licensed Professional Counselor and am a Certified Advance Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I believe in a client-counselor treatment modality that shares respect, empathy, and realness.

We all experience difficult seasons in our lives. During these times, it is very helpful to have someone willing to listen without judgement. I approach the counseling relationship as a partnership between two people interested in positive growth and change. I am interested in helping you overcome fear and anxiety while setting goals to reach your fullest potential. Since each of us is unique in our background and experience, I am ready to meet you where you are, and walk alongside you in moving toward a healthy and peaceful life.


I have experience working with depression, anxiety, survivors of suicide, grief and loss, anticipatory grief, caregiver stress and burnout, and career counseling.

Life is hard. Sometimes we need help making sense of our lives and our situations. We cannot change our past, but together we can make sense of it and plan for a happy, healthy future. Whether you are struggling with grief, employment and training, relationship issues, sexual orientation, depression, anger, anxiety, and/or are looking for a professional to listen and guide your journey, I welcome the opportunity to be that helper.  


A plan of action based upon your goals is challenging….especially when you’re doing it alone. In a crisis, help is even more important. I believe that talking about your problems is a good beginning, but self-exploration, growth, and moving toward solutions are the keys to your strength and healing.  


My many years of educating and counseling individuals such as yourself has taught me the long-term benefits of providing a non-judgmental, comfortable environment. One that is centered upon you and only you. Life IS hard. You and I can make it better together.

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