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Individual counseling & therapy

We believe our clients are the experts in their own lives. Are you interested in making a change, but aren't sure where to start? Do you already have a list of goals you'd like to achieve? A counselor or therapist can support you in determining the next steps to building your happy and

full life.


All couples hit rough spots from time to time. Sometimes it's hard to find a way to come together as a team to create positive change and get "unstuck." Bringing in an unbiased third person can help a couple determine shared goals and begin moving forward again.


Sometimes life's challenges effect everyone in the home or in the family unit. It can be difficult to find solutions that meet the needs of each member of the family, while respecting the boundaries and dynamics that hold the family together. This is when an outside perspective is so valuable; a counselor or therapist can hear everyone's voices and help the family restore balance and harmony.


Kids can have mental health challenges too, and require therapeutic activities that are appropriate to their individual age and ability level. Our therapists are skilled at communicating with children in their own language: using a combinations of words, play, and directed activities. Parents and caregivers are an integral part of the process, and are welcomed into the therapeutic process as the child's primary system of support.

Groups & Classes

We offer a number of opportunities for clients, families, community members, and mental health professionals to come together in the spirit of learning, support, and growth.

Mindfulness and Meditation Group Practice


Sometimes we get stuck in one particular area of life, whether it's thinking about a career change, a creative pursuit, or starting something new. At these times, having someone who can help us create a plan of action can propel our projects forward and realize those dreams.

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