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Our Team in Chelsea

Welcome! Transformational Choices is a community-based professional service that provides a full range of life enhancing services in a holistic, mindful, and supportive setting.


Our mission is to support mindful change within individuals, groups, and organizations. We are proud to offer a diverse array of services, including mental health counseling for individuals, groups, families, children. We work to address relationship issues between couples, within small groups, and in families. We offer life and wellness coaching and consultation, as well as organizational evaluation and consulting.

We are committed to providing the best professional services by working with our clients and developing and implementing the most effective and customized life enhancing change plans, through the promotion of learning and personal growth.

Transformational Choices uses a natural and organic mind / body approach to restoring healthy emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functioning. The client and therapist are partners and work together to discover the choices necessary to reach new goals and break old patterns.

Our approach to the helping relationship is especially effective in dealing with depression, anxiety, emotional dysfunction, creative blocks, relationship concerns, and debilitating personality traits that interfere with love, work, and the knowledge to sustain health.

Katharine Bracken, LMSW



Specialties: Addiction/substance abuse, ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar, Codependency, Depression, Domestic violence, Eating disorders, Family conflict, Grief/loss, Infidelity, Intellectual, developmental, or learning disabilities, LGBTQ+, Marital/premarital, Men's issues, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Parenting, Personality disorders, Pregnancy, prenatal, postpartum, Relationship issues, Self-harming, Self esteem, Sex therapy, Sexual abuse, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Suicidal ideation, Trauma/PTSD, Women's issues

Populations: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults

Modalities: Individual, Couples, Family, Group

In my seven years of practice I have worked with a wide range of clients. I understand there are many reasons why someone may be seeking therapy. I use a trauma-informed approach with all clients, and firmly believe in meeting the individual where they are at in their growth journey. Whether that is processing a recent trauma or one stemming from childhood, ongoing depression and anxiety, challenging distorted thought patterns that lead to maladaptive behavior or poor self-image or substance abuse issues. I create a safe environment where individuals can process their thoughts and emotions free of judgement or bias. My job is to help you identify what your goals are, and create realistic, workable steps to reach them.

I have extensive experience working with and specialize in adults who are survivors of childhood trauma including sexual, physical and emotional abuse. It is important to understand how things that may have happened decades ago, can still impact our daily functioning, relationships, and attachment styles. My goal is to help the individual process this trauma, and therefore release feelings of guilt, anger and abandonment associated with their childhood trauma.

I use evidence-based practices to help others manage and cope with an array of diagnoses. I have most commonly worked with those struggling with manic depression, Personality disorders, anger management, generalized and specific anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, substance use disorders, ASD, PTSD and ADHD.  It would be my pleasure to assist you on your healing journey!

Robyn Fisher, LMSW



Specialties: ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Gender Identity, LGBTQ+, Pregnancy/Prenatal/Postpartum, Relationship Issues, School Issues, Self Esteem, Stress, Women's Issues

Populations: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults

Modalities: Individual

In life, we all have struggles we face, but I believe there is strength and resiliency inside each of us.  Sometimes we need support to reach inside and find those strengths, and we need someone to guide and support us as we embrace who we are and the challenges we face.  No matter what your struggle may be, my goal is to support and empower you.  I value your perspective and your experience, and believe that with support, you can develop coping strategies, mindfulness and optimal emotional health to live your best life.  You deserve a life of physical, emotional and cognitive wellness and I will be here to guide and support your journey!

I have several years experience working with adults and children, but my primary focus has been supporting adolescents and the issues unique to their stage of development. I utilize a variety of techniques, including CBT, DBT and Brief-Solution Focused Therapy, and attempt to empower clients from a trauma-informed, strengths-based perspective.   I support individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, ADHD, anger management, autism, substance use, grief and social/emotional concerns.  I am also a strong ally and advocate of the LGBTQ community and welcome everyone!

Sydney Foster, LLMSW



Specialties: ADHD, Autism, Deconstruction, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harm, Trauma/PTSD

Populations: Infants/Toddlers, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults

Modalities: Individual, Family

Whether it's your first time looking for a therapist or you've done this before, I am proud of you for taking this step. My goal is to meet you where you are and find a way of doing therapy that feels most supportive to you. Everyone has unique traditions, strengths, and backgrounds that deserve to be explored and respected.

For the past five years I have worked with survivors of sexual harm and domestic violence and helped them understand how trauma can mix with other daily struggles such as ADHD and Autism. I have also helped survivors deconstruct how they were raised, identifying the parts of their faith and culture that they would like to hold onto and letting go of any pieces that they find harmful or no longer helpful. I look forward to getting to know you on a deeper level as we take set out on this journey of discovery together.

Lucas White, LLMSW



Specialties: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Gender Identity, Grief/Loss, LGBTQ+, Men's Issues, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Personality Disorders, Racial/Intergenerational Trauma, Relationship Issues, Religious Trauma, School Issues, Self Esteem, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Women's Issues

Populations: Adults

Modalities: Individual

Certifications: Addressing Trauma and Disproportionate Ethnic Minority Contact in Juvenile Justice through Empowerment Certificate, Many Faces of Community Violence Certificate

My name is Lucas(They/Them) and I am so glad you are reading this. I believe that having a space free of judgement and full of compassion is key for a trusting therapeutic relationship and this is the foundation of my approach. There is no better expert than you in regard to your experiences, your goals, and what living your best life looks like. In partnership with one another we can explore where and who you are, where and who you want to be, and how we can get you there through a person- centered, strengths based approach.

I received my BSW from Eastern Michigan University and my Masters degree at The University of Michigan where I developed an understanding of incorporating clinical perspectives, social determinants of health, and the social structures that influence our communities along with our everyday life experience(s). I continue to practice in an anti-racist framework that engages in constant cultural humility and that acknowledges the intergenerational and current trauma faced by minority populations. I work with young adults and adults who experience mood disorders (anxiety/ depression), life stressors, grief and loss, school issues, self-esteem issues, along with intergenerational trauma. I do this through CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Attachment Theory, in a person-centered and strengths-based approach. I am a strong ally for for BIPOC community along with LGBTQIA+ and would be honored to be a part of your healing journey.

I am excited to work alongside you in order to support your healing journey in hopes to increase your quality of life. I applaud you for taking the first step in searching for a therapist and it would  be a privilege to support and guide you towards your overall well-being.


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