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The Right Therapist for Me?

How to know if you've found the one,

the one therapist that is right for you -

Picking a therapist can be tricky. Starting therapy is nerve wracking. What to expect is not always clear.

Does anyone wants to waste their time or money seeing a therapist that is not the right fit for them? I doubt it.

What is a good trait in a therapist and what does it look like when the right therapist has been found?

Here are a few questions to think about when deciding if your therapist is the right fit for you-

1. Did you feel like the therapist offered you a safe environment? Did the therapist efficiently answer any questions you had about privacy? Did the environment allow you to feel safe to discuss your feelings and thoughts?

2. Did your therapist show they cared about you by giving empathetic and practical feed back? Did your therapist recognize your strengths?

3. Did your therapist show that how YOU feel is important? Did your therapist actively listen to you? Did they make eye contact, stay engaged, and work to understand the things you were saying?

4. Your therapist should meet you where you are. Did your therapist talk to you in a way that you can understand? Did they keep in mind your means, abilities, morals, values, and goals when creating plans?

5. When leaving the session did you feel like you have an understanding of why you are seeing a therapist and what your goals might be? How did you feel when you left the meeting?

Therapy is NOT always going to be exactly what you expect. When answering these questions ask yourself, "how satisfied am I with the with the therapist"?

It is important to find a therapist that you are comfortable with, and is able to challenge you to achieve your goals!

NEVER feel bad if you meet with a therapist and you do not think it is the right fit for you.

ALWAYS remember you are worthy of the best fit for you!

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